MIME Types

Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions ( MIME ) is an Internet standard that extends the format of email to support:

Virtually all human-written Internet email and a fairly large proportion of automated email is transmitted via SMTP in MIME format. [ citation needed ]

MIME is specified in six linked RFC memoranda : RFC 2045 , RFC 2046 , RFC 2047 , RFC 4288 , RFC 4289 and RFC 2049 ; with the integration with SMTP email specified in detail in RFC 1521 and RFC 1522 .

The presence of this header indicates the message is MIME-formatted. The value is typically "1.0" so this header appears as

According to MIME co-creator Nathaniel Borenstein , the intention was to allow MIME to change, to advance to version 2.0 and so forth, but this decision led to the opposite outcome, making it nearly impossible to create a new version of the standard.

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