Mantis Bug Tracker

MantisHub offers software as a service solution for MantisBT. Get started in seconds and experiment with the latest version of MantisBT.

Having a dedicated instance with administrator access, you are able to create projects, submit issues and invite team members to evaluate MantisBT with you. MantisHub team also offers you the support you need to get up to speed. With the free trial you have plenty of time to get familiar with MantisBT and decide the plan that works for you.

Founded by Victor Boctor, MantisBT long time contributor, MantisHub is designed to be a frictionless way to try out MantisBT.

Just as you would expect, we are the first customer of our own product. We use MantisBT to track all MantisBT bugs, features, release planning, and pretty much everything that related to helping us drive the project forward.

We encourage you to browse the Mantis Bug Tracker which is publicly viewable to anyone. In doing so you will be accessing the MantisBT as an anonymous user with very limited privileges thus missing quite a bit of functionality - just keep that in mind.

Mantis Bug Tracker  Demo
Mantis Bug Tracker abgekürzt oft MantisBT ist eine freie Software die als Bugtracker zur Verwaltung und Verfolgung von Hinweisen auf Programmfehler.
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