HTML5 & CSS3 Now or Later?

Hello! I’m Doctor Peter and I’m here to treat you with a dose of complementary CSS3. Don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit.

Contrary to what HTML5 Please and the W3C would have you believe, CSS3 is not part of HTML5. “But this is HTML5 Doctor,” I imagine you saying. “Why are you talking about CSS3 here?” Well, I want to talk about a very specific part of CSS3, one that works in perfect tandem with HTML5, specifically with the new form functions that are available.

One of the killer features that HTML5 introduces is client-side form validation without using JavaScript. Now, I know the other doctors haven’t discussed this yet, and as I’m just a locum, you might feel as if I’m putting the cart before the horse (#mixedmetaphors), but I’m hoping to explain just enough to let you know how it works, and then your regular doctors can provide the details at a later date.

A pseudo-class is information about an element that’s in the document tree but not available through any specified attributes. For example, the :first-child pseudo-class applies to elements which are the first child of their parents. You can get that information from the DOM tree, but there’s no first-child attribute.

In CSS2.1, there were a handful of pseudo-classes available, notably the link states ( :link , :visited ) and those of user actions ( :active , :hover ). In CSS3, that handful becomes a basketful, with pseudo-classes of structure ( :nth-child , :nth-of-type ), UI element ( :enabled , :checked ), and the ones we’ll look at now, of form validation.

CSS3 PseudoClasses and HTML5 Forms  HTML5 Doctor
Compatibility tables for support of HTML5 CSS3 SVG and other technologies in various browsers.
HTML5 JavaScript amp CSS3 in NetBeans IDE  YouTube
Hello! Im Doctor Peter and Im here to treat you with a dose of complementary CSS3 Dont worry this wont hurt a bit Contrary to what HTML5.
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