Do you support Memcached hosting?

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What Is Memcached?

Memcached is an open-source, object-caching system for general memory management. It is designed to alleviate database load, and thereby speed up dynamic Web applications. The program functions somewhat like short term memory for your applications. Memcached runs on Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Memory caching systems store data in a transparent manner with the intention of serving future requests more quickly. The stored data might be from earlier computations or copies of an original value from another storage location. Reading a cache for requested, stored data is significantly faster than obtaining it from its original location. Ultimately, computers and networks run much more efficiently with a good cache.

With Memcached, you can take memory from areas of your system where you have a surplus, and use it in places where it's needed. In addition, Memcached helps you to make better use of your memory, combining resources for more space.

Best Memcached Hosting Services 2017
Do you support Memcached hosting Yes we currently offer Memcached hosting for the following hosting packages upon request VPS administrado Managed Flex.
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