Developer support guidelines

When will this process start?
We will begin the process of reviewing and removing apps from the App Store on September 7, 2016.

What types of apps will be affected?
Apps in all categories on the App Store will be evaluated to make sure they function as expected, follow current review guidelines, and are not outdated.

What will happen if an issue is found with my app?
The App Store team will contact you and ask you to make any necessary changes for your app to stay on the App Store. However, apps that crash on launch will be removed immediately from the App Store.

How long do I have to make the changes?
You will be asked to submit an update within 30 days to keep your app on the App Store. If you are unable to make the changes within this time frame, your app will be removed from the App Store until you submit an update and it is approved. Please note that apps that crash on launch will be removed immediately.

If my app is removed, will my app’s name become available for other developers to use?
No. When apps are removed from the App Store, they are not deleted from your account. Your app name will continue to be associated with your app.

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