From the release of Collabtive 0.6 we are constantly working on a plug-in system to enable third party add-ons in the future.
Already the work has started and some of the code has been written. But, to produce proper plug-in system, important decisions have to be made and design has to be changed.

Hence I request those of you with good programming knowledge to provide suggestions. Please see the plug-in system code available and provide your suggestions.

Implementation completed so far
Simple plug-in directory
Plug-in registration with Collabtive
Plug-in installation as per XML configuration files
Registration of the Plug-in events must be done with the Collabtive tool

Collabtive open source project management software is actively used in commercial websites such as CAD Crowd , which is a services marketplace for hiring CAD design freelancers & contractors. The demo can be viewed at (user: demo pass: demo)

To be completed
The present event system has to be tuned to perfection
Various implementation methods have to be provided

Collabtive Open Source Project Management Software and
Collabtive ist webbasierte Groupware einfach und effizient für teambasierte Projekte.
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Collabtive Open Source Project Management Project Mangement Tool and Resource for Collabtive Use.
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