Accessing e-mail accounts with client applications

Using POP, you can download new messages coming to your Gmail account to many email programs.

With the sheer size available in my  Gmail  account and the ubiquity, speed and efficiency of its web interface, I am inclined to  move all my emails to Gmail.

But it is good to know that the  mail transfer  can happen in the other direction as well. If you want to consolidate all your  email addresses  at once place, you can  have all messages arriving at Gmail be forwarded to another email address automatically.

You can access your Gmail account directly via POP using any email client. Mail downloaded to your email client via POP can either be archived in Gmail, remain unread or be trashed. If you archive them, you can have both the editing power of your desktop email client and the archiving and search proficiency of  Gmail s web interface,  for example.

If you send a message through  Gmail s SMTP server  from the email program of your choice, a copy is automatically placed and archived in Gmail s (online) Sent Mail folder. You do not have to add yourself as a Bcc: recipient.

How to Access a Gmail Account with any Email Client via POP
How to access email accounts through webmail Thirdparty email client applications Accessing email accounts with client applications.
Accessing Mail Client Email Account List
How to Access a Gmail Account with any Email Client via POP Now set up a new account in your email client Eudora the applicationspecific.

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